Tasting notes and oil flavours


Originally from Greece, Crete and the Middle East.

The single cultivar Koroneiki combines the pungent grassy flavours from the inland Kerikeri groves with the stronger olive fruit flavours from the coastal groves.

Classed as a medium oil, it also has an attractive long lasting finish. Superb with fish, ripe tomatoes, drizzled over fresh corn on the cob and absolutely perfect with grilled or barbequed calamari. Not to forget that it’s a perfect oil for dipping.

The Three Tuscans

Combining the flavours of three classic Tuscan cultivars - Frantoio and Leccino as the base, the third changing seasonally. Produced by picking and pressing the three cultivars together.

Each year the oil is subtly different, enhanced by the individual flavours of The Three Tuscans to produce a well balanced oil with a mildly intense pepper taste.

We are proud to let nature do it’s own thing with this oil - t will always reflect that years sunshine levels and each Grove’s microclimate and soil type. An excellent all purpose oil for cooking and dipping.

We also have Frantoio and Leccino available as single cultivar oils.

Te Rima J5

Our signature single cultivar oil combines rich grass and citrus flavours with a pungent peppery after-taste. Unique to Northland, New Zealand, this stronger-tasting oil is one of New Zealand’s oldest cultivars. It has adapted incredibly well to Northlands humidity and can be found growing both inland and right on the beach.

The many flavours of grass and citrus combine to produce a piquant taste sensation punctuated by a pungent, peppery after-taste. It is uniquely Northland and emphasises again the complimentary tastes produced by our inland and coastal groves. An exceptional oil to compliment steak and meat dishes.

A serving suggestion

A serving suggestion